After a really big mushroom; a 4 pound tomato.

Tomato in Lascar, Republique des Pyrenees 2011


Check out this photo, from la République des Pyrénées , the hometown newspaper in the town of Orthez where I hope some day to retire.  The summer rains that favored the growth of the really big mushroom have evidently given way to sunshine;  a resident in the nearby town of Lascar recently harvested a tomato that weighed in at nearly 4# (1.77 kilograms).

Call me a dope but I love this sort of thing.  I fear it reveals in me a latent romanticism for a place where growing a really big tomato actually gets you into the newspaper.  Plus I love the way that in France, evidently the first reaction upon finding something unusual is to say “Wow, that’s really huge, let’s hand it to a baby and take a photo”.

On top of all that, this tomato looks like really good eatin’.


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