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Name: Toma di Gressoney
From: The region of Vallée d’Aosta in the Italian Alps
Made By:  Fromagerie Vallée de Gressony
Milk: Raw cow’s milk
Curdling type: rennet
Size/ weigh: Round tomme about 5# in weight
Rind: Aged in high humidity on oak boards to develop a wet rind, then finished at lower humidity
Interior: semi firm, pale ivory color
Aged: 4-6 months

We received this beautiful cow’s milk tome from Corsican Cellars earlier this month and this weekend it is at the perfect ripeness to enjoy. Made from raw cow’s milk in a high alpine valley in Northern Italy, the Toma di Gressoney is first aged in damp cellars on oak boards, then moved to a dryer cave, which yeilds a finished rind that is a mildly pungent and earthy . This particular toma has aged for about 5 months. Yummy!

Available at Café Presse while supplies last.

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