Falafel is on the menu at Le Pichet

LP New Menu Aug 2015 falafel
Crispy chick pea fritters served with a salad of melon, cucumber, parsley and pickled melon rind, with a creamy melon-harissa puree.

If you are a falafel fan, you probably know that these crispy chickpea fritters have been on the menu at Cafe Presse since early July.  But now you can also find them at Le Pichet.

Le Pichet chef de cuisine Jack Spiess has paired falafel with a salad of heirloom cucumbers, summer melon, parsley and pickled melon rind, as well as a sweet and spicy puree of melons, labneh and harissa.  Available beginning today at 5:30pm and then all day through the end of the summer!

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