“Goal: An Incredible Journey” has a Kickstarter Campaign


A new soccer documentary that followed the US Women’s team to the 2013 Homeless World Cup is looking to raise funds to complete post production and get the film out to the world.  The director, Micha X. Peled, of San Francisco-based Teddy Bear Films, is a documentary film maker whose previous work work has been featured on The Independent Lens on PBS.  His efforts to raise cash to finish the film was the subject of a recent feature article in the San Francisco Examiner.

If you would like to help, here is a link to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Hold on, what?  Whats the Homeless World Cup?  And why should we care?

Those are the same questions we asked when we met Micha at Cafe Presse in 2013.  He was in Seattle to film a young player who would eventually make it to the 2013 Homeless World Cup  and who was playing in the Capitol Hill Soccer Jam, a fundraising event sponsored by Street Soccer Seattle and Seattle University.

When we heard from Micha about the great work that Seattle Street Soccer is doing to help get homeless young people into soccer and off the streets, we wanted to help.  Since then, we have worked with them on events to raise money so that they can continue their work with homeless people right here in Seattle.  And our upcoming World Cup Kickoff Party on Monday June 16, 2014 will be a benefit event for Street Soccer Seattle (look for more details on the party coming soon!).

Here are some helpful links if you would like to learn more:

The Homeless World Cup is a group that uses the power of football to energize homeless people so they can change their own lives.  Their main work is to coordinate the work of its 70 national partners by providing support and guidance in football and management skills, to help grow and develop sustainable programs which have a positive impact on the lives of homeless and excluded people all around the world.

They also organize the annual Homeless World Cup Tournament.

Street Soccer USA is the American partner group to The Homeless World Cup.  Street Soccer USA strives to harness the power of sport to make a difference in the lives of under served youth in urban areas and special needs populations, including homeless families, adults, people in recovery, among others.  Street Soccer USA sends a team of top players to the Homeless World Cup each year.

 Street Soccer Seattle has been part of Street Soccer USA for 4 years and has served over 200 players, connecting them to job training, employment, housing and pursuit of further education.


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